"Pleurae", Jasna Bajlo Carr, Australia

Photo credit: : Getty Images/Hagen Hopkins

Model: Omea Geary

"Pleurae", Jasna Bajlo Carr, Australia

Photo credit: World of WearableArt Ltd

Model: Omea Geary


Finalist garment of the World Of Wearable Art Competition

Wellington New Zealand, 2018

Avant-garde section

Design and fabrication: Jasna Bajlo 

In 2018 Jasna Bajlo entered an international wearable art competition, World Of Wearable Art, or WOW, held every year in Wellington, New Zealand. This competition is attracting designers all over the world for more than 30 years. 

Each year the organizers choose six categories and ask the designer to submit their entry in one that inspired them. 

There are three recurring Sections; Aotearoa, Avant-garde and Open, and three Sections that are unique to that year.

After submitting, each designer has to wait for the announcement of the jury, whether their garment has been selected. There is a two steps selection.  

The garments that have been selected in step 2, do become finalists and get to participate in the amazing show. 

For more information please visit the link below

World Of Wearable Art 

"Pleurae", Jasna Bajlo Carr, Australia

Photo credit: World of WearableArt Ltd

Model: Paige Shand


by Jasna Bajlo 

worked on this dress for 4 months. It started as an experiment with material and form. I was interested in telling the story of the fragile body protected by some sort of armor dress. For me, it was very important to continue to work on the concepts I find interesting such as contrast, form, time, fragility, and strength. Concepts that are always at the base of all my designs.


I decided to name my piece Pleurae which is a name for a membrane that surrounds the lungs. This dress represents the artificial membrane around our body,  that filtrates the air. 


For this competition, I decided to set my heroine in a dystopian future. Civilization is faced with environmental degradation and air pollution is a sad reality. This dress is a breathing apparatus my heroine uses to filtrate the air she breaths.


After I decided on the context of the dress I started to work on the shapes and materials I will use. In my work, I often have an idea which I elaborate either through sketching or through working with the material and the more formal elements of the dress. For this dress, I focused on the construction aspect trying to create an elaborate 3D membrane.


In the beginning, I experimented with different materials. I needed a material strong enough to hold the shape and create volume. After trying a few different materials I decided to work with leather.

I used sheets of leather that I laminated to create parts of the dress that will hold the shape. I used golden leather cord and metal fittings to connect the parts.


Because my concept is connected with breathing and filtration I wanted to create the sense of a porous material. I decided to punch the leather and then live some of the holes and insert the spikes in others to create the feeling of a 3d surface. 

The leather cord allowed me to connect different parts of the dress and became a very important graphic element of the dress.

"Pleurae", Jasna Bajlo Carr, Australia

Photo credit: Jody Allen Photography

Model: Lisa Penney




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